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Site Preparation

Mainline Fiber provides a complete site preparation service for our clients, ensuring that their fiber network construction projects can begin on time and within budget. Our site preparation services include:

  • Site survey: Mainline Fiber conducts a comprehensive site survey to identify any potential challenges or obstacles. This includes identifying the location of existing utilities, as well as any environmental or regulatory considerations.

  • Site clearing: Mainline Fiber clears the construction site of any vegetation, debris, or other obstructions.

  • Site grading: Mainline Fiber grades the construction site to ensure that it is level and ready for construction.

  • Soil testing: Mainline Fiber conducts soil tests to determine the bearing capacity of the soil and to identify any potential hazards.

  • Utility relocation: Mainline Fiber coordinates with utility companies to relocate any existing utilities that may be in the way of the construction project.

  • Permitting: Mainline Fiber obtains all necessary permits from city and local officials for the site preparation activities.


Mainline Fiber is committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive and efficient site preparation service. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians has a deep understanding of the site preparation process and the requirements of different city and local jurisdictions. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their site preparation projects are completed on time and within budget.

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